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New paradigm women series: interview with inspirational leader, Vibeke Amdisen – Sharing her story of awakening and her transformational work with intuitive motherhood. – Lykke
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New paradigm women series: interview with inspirational leader, Vibeke Amdisen – Sharing her story of awakening and her transformational work with intuitive motherhood.

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Vibeke Amdisen

Vibeke Amdisen is a women’s mentor, kundalini yoga teacher, dóTERRA leader, best-selling author & conscious mama. 

As we are continuously moving into a higher collective consciousness and awakening, and as a part of my own journey, I am on a quest to share with you stories and portraits of pioneering women who through their own way of life and work inspire to live and lead a more heart based and soulful life.

One of these women whom I am lucky to know through my network of pioneering women, is my Danish native sister, Vibeke Amdisen. 

Vibeke is one of a special breed. To me, she stands out with a deep centered honesty, radiant beauty, immense wisdom and a huge loving heart. She is a woman who walks her talk.

Vibeke has moved me by her presence, her brave and loving way of living, her authenticity and courage to live and lead from her heart. I am so happy to share her story and her nuggets of wisdom with you.

Lets begin…

Bali Vibes

As a conscious woman, mama, wife and teacher, what does it mean to you to live and lead from your heart and soul?

Above and beyond anything else it means freedom. 

Our heart never restricts us. It sets us free to move and dance and make our very own choreography in true alignment with our calling and deep-felt desires. It helps us to connect in a very truthful way with our own beautiful uniqueness and the reason why we are here on Earth. 

Our heart asks us also to be courageous and brave which may seem uncomfortable at times and it may be a lifelong process to unlearn what we have been taught so that we can start trusting our own self once again. This is, however, the one and only golden key to expansion and the development of our conscious awareness.

For me personally, living a heart based life has brought me a deep knowing of why I am here and it is the reason why I get to feel inspired, passionate and filled with ecstatic joy on an everyday basis.

This doesn´t mean that I don’t face challenges and have unanswered questions. I do. It doesn’t mean either that I walk around with an endless smile on my face and my arms in the air each day. I don´t. 

But it does mean, that I am able to live in authentic alignment with who I am and that I do not compromise with that inner, very powerful guiding voice of mine. 

This is the whole-hearted place from where I live, teach and relate to my surroundings. 

There is always this sense of wonder, curiosity and humbleness that flows through me and basically – I treasure my life because of this. 

I embrace the so-called hardships and lessons that are part of this Earth journey for all of us. My breakdowns – which are also my breakthroughs – are the reason for me being who I am today. They are the reason why I love being alive and being able to help women and mothers around me rise with me.

Vibeke Amdisen

What are some of the most impactful moments in your life, which has led to your own awakening & evolution?

I have always been driven by a deep rooted desire to explore. I longed for more. For adventure. For seeking and for finding. And so I set out to discover my inner and outer world when I was still a young girl and ended up travelling for over a decade. This for sure taught me a lot about myself and was part of me opening up my understanding of new possibilities and of other ways of living.

The most impactful transition in my life as a woman was entering the magical portal into motherhood though. Nothing has ever impacted me more and I am deeply humbled by the sacredness of my role as a mother and as a student at the same time. Our son has taught me more about myself and life than anyone or anything ever will and I continue to be in awe of all the magnificent gifts unfolding as I walk this path. Motherhood has re-connected me with my intuition and instinctual wisdom in such a powerful way that can really only be felt and lived – not described with words.

The 2,5 years it took me to write my latest book “Women of the Earth” (published in Danish so far) was a very deep awakening journey for me. I laughed, cried and reflected my way through my writing process. At times the information I uncovered shook my whole foundation. Other times it filled me with a deep knowing as I re-connected with my ancestors and their forgotten wisdom.

Writing this book gave me a much more in-depth understanding of our world, of our history, of myself as a woman and of the new feminine Aquarian Age we are entering right now. It was a spiral-journey. I made my way into that centered still point of the spiral and when I came back out with my finished script, I was a different woman.

Sahmuel & Vibeke

You are working with what you call intuitive motherhood & maternity, can you explain what that is? And why is it important?

I help mothers re-connect with their intuition and instinct – and I help them heal and open up their heart so that they can build the courage to trust and follow the calling of their soul. 

This way our child/children – as well as the generations to come – will grow up as heart centered, compassionate and conscious beings who care for themselves, their fellow human beings and Mother Earth.

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dóTERRA Essential Oils

Working and creating from your heart, how does your work with e.i. dóTERRA essential oils support & compliment your overall purpose?

I have found that doTERRA essential oils support me tremendously on my own intuitive motherhood journey and I feel extremely empowered having these amazing healing oils at hand for every occasion. They work wonders on all levels: emotionally, physically and mentally and help my family and I maintain a holistic, purpose filled lifestyle.

They have become an indispensable part of our everyday life and because of all of the above, I feel a deep urge to share them with other women, mothers and families.

We are moving towards a new age (read more below) which for us women and mothers is all about healing, self-empowerment and freedom. Many are in search of natural solutions and that is what these sacred bottles filled with highly potent plant medicine are.

dóTERRA Essential Oils

The following are a few examples of what the oils can assist you with: 

  • Opening your heart & intuition
  • Keeping focus and motivation
  • Releasing stress and anxiety 
  • Lifting your mood, energy & vibration
  • Healing depression and old wounds
  • Getting better sleep
  • Stimulating your metabolism
  • Alleviating PMS 
  • Optimizing your digestion
  • Strengthening your immune system

I see all the time how dóTERRA essential oils (which are the purest and finest in the world) make a significant difference in people’s lives. I see how they empower the women I work with in such an inspirational, fun and meaningful way. And I see how the oils support them in coming back into alignment as the beautiful women and intuitive mothers that they are.

Not only do they get to experience the many benefits from the oils every day. They also have the amazing opportunity to work from home (or anywhere else) with dóTERRA to either supplement their income or create financial freedom. Many see this as a very welcomed opportunity. Perhaps they wish to terminate a job that they don´t appreciate. Perhaps they wish to continue staying at home with their baby by the end of their maternity leave. Whatever the reason is – dóTERRA offers a unique opportunity to working from home with the most wonderful network of like-minded, heart led women who lift and support you. If you long to leave the masculine, corporate world behind and embrace a new feminine way of working and contributing then this might be for you.

DóTERRA – with their high moral, integrity and ethics is without a doubt the most amazing company I’ve ever encountered. They are on a mission to change the world and I love that fact.

“Women of the Earth” by Vibeke Amdisen

You are the bestselling author of the book ”Women of the Earth” . What is the essence of your message in your book? And what called you to write it?

”Women of the Earth” was birthed through my deep fascination of The Feminine.

I was called to write this book because of my wish to give everywoman the chance to re-connect with the feminine wisdom, that was lost a long, long time ago. It is a cordial message for women about how we regain our own greatness and understanding of our beautiful origin.

The time has come to see beyond the veil that for centuries has led us women and mothers away from ourselves and my heart is passionate about healing the feminine (and thus also the masculine) consciousness. 

Mother earth needs us and the rise of awakening women that is taking place these years all over the Western world is not random. We are at a point where we women are ready to open our hearts and minds to the truth of who we are. 

In “Women of the Earth” you can read about the feminine cycle, moon phases, how to celebrate your daughter´s first menstruation, sisterhood, hormone balancing diet, natural healing methods, the feminine sexuality, intuitive motherhood, the power of meno-pause, the different goddesses that have symbolized the feminine through the different historical ages – and much more.

If you are reading this interview – then get my book. You are ready. And I have written my book for you.

Vibeke & Sahmuel

How has becoming a mother changed you? And has it changed the way you navigate through life?

Becoming a mother has shown me the way back home to myself. It has given me a strong, solid knowing of who I am and where I stand. It has fine-tuned my intuition and sharpened my clear-sightedness. And it has made me vulnerable. Oh, so beautifully vulnerable.

I knew from the very beginning that my motherhood path would be different in certain ways. I had a strong intuitive and instinctual knowing for how I wanted to mother my child and an ability to steer away from society’s norms. I was able to feel into my heart and let my son guide me and tell me what he needed. And when I would get off track, he would be right there to let me know about it with his pure, loving essence and righteous being.

My intuitive mothering approach has developed over the years and has become the foundation of who I am today. It permeates everything. My relation with my son, my relationship with my husband, our family as a whole and my role as mentor for women and mothers.

My son came here to be my greatest teacher of all and I have come to understand and recognize life’s different aspects from an even deeper spiritual level than before – because of him. Teaching “New Paradigm Mothering” is why I am here at this time and my son came to show me this without a doubt. 

My bursting heart and never ending love for him expands out and most of all it feels as if I hold the entire Earth in my heart. Because you see – you and I, we are not only mothers of our own children, but of all the children in the world. 

Green School, Bali

You recently moved from Denmark to Bali with your family to give your son the opportunity to go to Green School. Can you share what made you move all across the globe and take a huge leap like that? What does Green School offer that a typical Danish school does not?

The traditional model of education was established in the industrial age with a one-size-fits-all approach to create factory workers as this was needed at the time. Our society has changed tremendously since then, however, but our education system has remained the same for about two hundred years and it does not equip our children for the world as it is today. Their future will require independent, entrepreneurial minds and hearts and a totally different view on life than that of the past generations.

Our children need an environment where they are encouraged to use and explore their innovative and creative abilities at all times. They should be able to dive into their interests and passions and follow their hearts every day without being suppressed or having limited views mirrored onto them. In their world everything is possible and that belief they should preserve. 

They need adults who see them as the opening flower buds that they truly are and who understand that children do not need to be formed, modelled or controlled. They are already everything they need to be from the very moment they are born. All they need is a little water to help them open up their beautiful crown leaves.   

It is completely misunderstood when we think that children need to sit still and be quiet to learn.

Children are naturally inquisitive and interested in learning when it makes sense to them and when they are respected and allowed to have their own free will. Children love to move and challenge themselves. And they love to acquire knowledge and test things when given the possibility for doing it naturally. They love to ask questions and learn about life in general. Why? Because that´s their nature as human beings.           

My husband and I always knew that we wanted all of the above for our son and therefore it is natural for us to prioritize his school and education as number one. Green School here in Bali had attracted us pretty much since the beginning of our parenthood and when we felt that our son was ready, we therefore made the decision to move and give him – and us – this experience.  

Green School, Bali

Green School is one of the new future orientated schools in the world that provides a whole different set up and way of learning through nature based, fun projects and activities. 

The school which aims at educating “the green leaders of tomorrow” is environmentally focused through subjects such as sustainability and permaculture. It is a place where the students look forward to be every day because they understand, why they are learning what they are and how they can use their skills in life. They are shown that they matter and supported to think “out of the box” because that is what our world needs – change makers!

When our children are left to rise and shine as who they are and not put into a box, not having to suppress themselves to fit into the norm, then our world will change. They will naturally and open heartedly create a peaceful, sustainable and loving Earth. Because this is our true essence: love. 

Vibeke Amdisen

As a woman, mama and wife, what are your most nourishing and uplifting tools/rituals you go to for support in terms of living your true purpose and staying in alignment?

First and foremost, I surround myself with everything that nurtures my soul… 

Esthetics makes my heart sing with absolute joy. My feminine life giving nature and constant urge to create is expressed through my writing and visual art. I make sure to spend time in my own space daily and when I get impatient with my creative pace and process and forget to breathe, I apply my fantastic DoTerra essential oils and practice kundalini yoga.

My tribe of soul-sisters constantly cheering on me and showing their support are indispensable to me and I love every single one of them. I envision and feel into my goals repeatedly and I carry my “why” in my heart. I do affirmations and feel deeply grateful for all that I have – and all that I am.

Bali Vibes

What is your greatest advice to other women who long to honor their natural motherly instincts/intuition and soul in terms of nourishing themselves and their families even deeper? How can we continuously make choices that support us in this direction?

That longing is part of this conscious awakening that many women experience now. It´s a returning to our own true self. Our soul.  

If you long to honor your intuition and instinct as a woman and mother – then first of all knowthat you areable to do it and that you have all that it takes. You may need to practice a little initially but you will get there. Your feminine make-up is all about intuition. You were born with this skill and ability. You just forgot. And now it´s time to remember.

Here are my advice: 

  • Practice recognizing it by seeking silence. By listening. And by trusting. Trusting that this subtle voice inside of you – without exception – shows you the way. Practice acting from your heart,instead of from your mind. Feel into your heart in any given situation and open yourself up to the message it gives you. That message is your answer. Always.
  • It may help you to spend time alone. Perhaps it feels right for you to seek the forest. Or the ocean. Or to meditate. Perhaps your way into this feminine wisdom of yours is through your creativity. Or though dancing. Whatever it is you feel drawn to – is your way.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others. The people who seem to have come further than you started out too at one point or another. And we each have our very own individual story. Their story is theirs. Yours is yours. Treasure that. Treasure your unique journey. 
  • When you start hearing the voice of your heart – act on it. Even if you are afraid. That first thing that “comes to mind” or that first sensation in your heart is your answer. No matter how many rational reasons your mind comes up with afterwards.
  • Don´t strive for “perfect” in this or any other area of your life. It will hinder you in going forward. I speak from experience. None of us are perfect and as mothers we are constantly facing new phases of our children´s development that ask of us to receive and learn even more. 
  • If you feel compelled to it, create an altar or a place that is yours. A place with things and symbols that resonate with you and helps you get centered when you need to look inwards and re-connect. (In my book “Women of the Earth” I give you lots of ideas and advice on how to do this.)
  • Open yourself up to the healing that needs to take place inside of you. Let it come to the surface. When you start listening to your souls calling, everything that is not in alignment with who you are becoming will need to be released. Allow it. Feel into it. Let it go.

Vibeke Amdisen

How do you see that we as women can support each other even more in the future? – And what do you feel the most important task as women of the 21st century is?

We are entering Age of Aquarius and the old patriarchal, hierarchical structures are slowly but surely falling apart. We will see this more and more in the years to come. It is said that this new age eventually will bring a thousand years of peace and that we Western women will re-establish the balance on Earth by coming together. The last part is already happening. 

Women´s circles, sisterhood ceremonies, women´s workshops, facilitator trainings and women coming together in all kinds of ways are seen everywhere. We are consciously returning home and as we do, we discover not only a deep longing for each other but also a new way of supporting, cheering and loving one another. 

As women we are not competitive, gossiping weasels by nature – this is our wounds from having grown up in the old patriarchal society speaking and as we heal ourselves and come back into balance we understand that every time we help a sister, we help ourselves. Every time we support a sister, we support ourselves. And every time we help a sister shine her light, we shine our own light.

The most important task as woman of the 21stcentury is first of all to understand the transition which is happening now as we are slowly leaving the old Piscean Age and moving into The Aquarian Age. Below I will list some characteristics that can assist in acquiring more understanding:

Piscean Age:

  • Leading from the mind
  • Dominance of the masculine
  • Based on rationality and analytics
  • Everything to be proven and scientifically documented 
  • Evaluations made on test results and performance
  • Diplomas, certificates and exam papers to prove worth and abilities
  • Elbows out, competition, individualism, taking
  • Hostility, loneliness and fear of showing vulnerability
  • Search for answers outside of oneself 
  • Children to be controlled, corrected, formed and shaped
  • Linear time perception
  • Exploitation of the Earth´s recourses due to greed and misuse of power

Aquarian Age:

  • Leading from the heart
  • Balancing of the masculine and feminine energies 
  • Intuition, creativity, flow, manifestation
  • Conscious awakening, reconnecting, returning home  
  • Trusting, deep inner knowing  
  • Life experience, insights and personal knowledge – highly valued
  • Redefining of leadership
  • Sharing, giving and coming together
  • Open heartedness, compassion, vulnerability
  • Finding answers inside of oneself 
  • Intuitive motherhood – children “seen with the eyes of the heart”
  • Cyclical perspective
  • Caring for our Earth – healing, repairing the damage

Bali Nature

Once we understand the above, we also understand that we are living in a special time in history and that we carry a very important task in our hands. The Earth needs us and is waiting for us to heal her. But first, we must heal ourselves.

When we women and mothers have healed our wounds and all the stuff we are carrying from the past generations of unconscious parenting – a new world will emerge.


Thank you so much Vibeke for your beautiful sharing.

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