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Monday Manifesto

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I no longer believe in things and materialisme that steels away my time and consumes my energy.

I believe in the power of realtime experience and soulful connections.

I no longer have the ability to small talk. I believe in deep talking. Deep talking gives me energy and touches my heart and soul. It is purposeful. It brings meaning. It makes sense. It is bold and it is visionary.

I believe in living from the inside out. I believe in authenticity. I am no longer able to act out a role given by society. I Can no longer put on a suit, when my entire soul and body just wanna walk barefoot through life in long summerly dresses and my old flip flops.

I have startet to believe in Me. Yes Me. I believe in the data I am downloading daily from outerly fields of energy and information. Not what I read in the newspaper.

I believe in creativity. I believe in the magic of childlike mentality. I believe in colour, in music, in poetry, in beauty and humor.

I believe in having fun. I believe in holding hands, in the healing power of swimming in the ocean and feeling the earth underneath my feet.

I am fuelled by the light and the warmth of a bonfire gathering, singing my hearts out in the company of my loved ones.

I am no longer in the same way as before able to create from a hungry and motivated ego, but deeply called to create from the source of divine inspiration.

I believe in the power of healing and in the power of love and in the strength of health. My body is my temple, from which I get to experience this life. I even love my skewy feet.

I feel in all of my cells, how lady Earth is gently, but firmly guiding us back to a remembering of who and what we truely are. I hear her soft wispering. As If we are all awakening from a long deep sleep. Awakening to the wonder of what life can be.

I feel how Lady Earth is lovingly showing us the ancient wisdom that lives in all of us, in our cells and in our DNA. Inviting us to connect with her in nature, and showing us the healing beauty of ritual and shamanic gatherings.

I believe in cacao ceromony. I believe in the wonder of rituals. I believe in slowness. I believe in taking my time to figure out whats true to me. I believe In listening and living in real time.

I deeply feel how she, lady Earth is providing us with the keys to unlock and clear our old wounds, to cleanse our karma and bring much more light to our amazing and abundant planet. I feel she is teaching me what true abundance and beauty is.

I believe in the amazing momentum of sunrise and sunset. In mama moons cycle. I believe in astrology, in our solar system. I believe in the universal Intelligence.

I recognize that I am a part of a beautiful and powerful earthly transformation. A transendence to higher vibrations, bringing more love and healing for every living cell in this endless universe.

I believe the future is Soulful.

Xx – Lykke Junker

Photo: Ulrike Lakshmi Reinhold

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