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Meet Artisan Treasure

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The seed that started writing our Artisan story…

For many years I´ve had a vision of creating a platform, an online marketplace, were talented artisans from around the world, can showcase & sell their amazing art & handcrafts.

Throughout my career in design & retail business, I´ve had the privileged to travel around the world, discovering and meeting amazing and talented craftsmen, dedicated to create art & crafts, often based on cultural inheritance, ancient techniques & history.

To me this was always a soulful meeting!

While I was working in the flashy fashion industry (for more than 15 years) I have visited numerous massproductive factories in especially China & India – It was not always a pretty sight to be honest. I have experience unfortunate mistreat of both people & planet, in the pursuit of growth and profit.

There use to be saying in China that, ” You can see the color of the fashion season by looking at the color of the rivers in China”…

And it is true. Not something to be proud off…

You can properly imagine that if the rivers are colored red, blue, green depending on the season, then how does it affect our nature and the people working in the industry?

It can be quite dangerous and extremely unhealthy for both people & planet. Seeing this situation close up and in real life, has made a great impression on me and inspired me deeply to try and do things differently.

Thankfully today, a lot is being done to change this situation on a global scale.

Artisan Treasure, wants to infuse this change, by setting new standards and platforms propelling a more sustainable change into something that is for everyone. I believe it is important to keep improving in anyway we can, no matter what we do in life. I believe in initiating a more sustainable development, production and fair business.

All of our partners through Artisan Treasure, have a build-in sustainable, artisan or philanthropic program, supporting the makers of their products. Together we celebrate full-circle empowerment from beginning to end.

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