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New paradigm women series: Interview with inspirational leader, Susanna Nova – Sharing her wisdom and rituals on how to live and lead a soulful and heart centered life – Lykke
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New paradigm women series: Interview with inspirational leader, Susanna Nova – Sharing her wisdom and rituals on how to live and lead a soulful and heart centered life

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A soulful meeting

In January 2018 I travelled to Bali and had the tremendous joy of connecting with Swedish born native Susanna Nova. Susanna is living in Bali with her daughter Ayisha Temple, were they have created quite a remarkable life, home and sanctuary.

From the moment I met Susanna, I just knew I wanted to share her amazing work and life story. Susanna´s choice of life embodies so much of the new paradigm qualities. It is a journey that embodies true heart, soul, wisdom, beauty, and creativity. She is one to follow for sure and I am so happy I get to share this interview and her nuggets of wisdom with you.

Before we dive into it, let me first introduce you to this radiant, passionate and fierce woman.

Susanna Nova, is the founder and creator of the amazing & beautiful Trinity Gardens Ubud www.trinitygardensubud.com – One of the most serene and soulful places I have ever been. The best part is that you can book your stay, whenever you visit Bali. You simply must.

These Gardens are like an invitation to live in a way that is a vision for the future. As if they invite to be alive as the real me. Thank you for making my experience beyond spectacular! Inspired for life.”

Besides creating Trinity Gardens, Susanna is working as a mentor and guide for women from all over the world. In sacred circles, one on one mentoring, or in creative and aesthetic collaborations. She is also the founder of the concept “Spirited Living” , a philosophy that she embodies in all of her work.

Lets begin…


How would you describe the life you and your beautiful daughter Ayisha, are living in Bali today?

Our life has a sense of freedom, which I feel in my whole being. It is a way of moving in daily life where an uncompromising respect for our own connection with our deepest true values, intuition and self-care is at the core of how we make choices  when it comes to what we do. This is so in every detail of life; health, beauty, relationships and creativity. We live close to nature, we put the wellbeing of our souls at the core of our lives and we are together in a deep feeling of collaboration with ourselves, each other and the community we have around us.

How did you came to create the amazing and beautiful Trinity Gardens?

When we first arrived in Bali 5 years ago we had this very sweet feeling of ”home”. The soft breeze on the skin, the scent of flowers and insence in the air, the sweetness of the people… all of it called us to consider the possibility of being here in a way which would support our creativity and learning. I had just met a beautiful man in my life and in our meeting there was such creative playful innocence and wild ideas. We found a house in an amazing location which was for sale and kind of jumped into it with a spontaneity beyond logic. As we both had been working with design and interior of houses for many years as soon as we came to the house the ideas of what we could do to make the full potential of the place come forth started to sprout. As we redesigned the existing house almost totally we worked with such a great team of local builders, artists and designers that one thing led to the other and several houses were created. All as the gardens grew and blossomed and we created in a similar way as kids are building a treehouse in the forest; almost surprised when there were suddenly so many houses there.

What are some of the most important and life changing decisions you have made in your life, in terms of supporting your dreams and actually following and fully expressing the depths of your heart and spirit?

I knew since I was little that I wanted to travel a lot. I was born in Sweden but always had a feeling that it was too small for me; like I could not breathe fully. The choice to leave Sweden when I was 19 and explore the world was one of the decisions which made me get the wide perspectives of what is possible to do and create as a humanbeing. Another choice was when I started by first small business at 14 and just knowing I would always be an entrepeneur as I did not like the feeling of someone telling me what to do. Both of these decisions have been the base for me to also choose to let my daughter learn in a free way in the midst of life, rather than going to school. That has most probably been the most radically life-changing step for me on so many levels of life that it is difficult to say in short.

What are the gifts you are harvesting from being and living true to your heart and spirit?

A sense of wonder, curiousity and joy that is always there in my body and soul. As if every day is a sweet adventure of learning, loving, creating and connecting. The many many amazing places I have experienced, people I have met and projects I have created.

What is your guiding line in terms of living a true and soulful life?

There are some different ones, but I would say at the core it is something like; always, with no compromise, create space and space in daily life to deeply and fully listen to what my soul is calling me to. Another thing is to treasure and care for close friends, it is like real gold to have close people in life.

Has it been difficult to make the choices you have? And if yes, in what way?

Sometimes it has been challenging and scary. Mostly actually because of obeing questioned by people around me. Critizism of me being too much in different ways.

What does beauty and creativity means to you?

It means a lot; it is like a lifeline which I just can not live without. Like something as natural as air and water around me. I always just simply have to create beauty around me where I am, with what I have and I always want to create new thing. I love being multi-creative, expressing through many different mediums. I believe that if we are left to ourselves we are all naturally creative and make beauty around us all the time, in our own unuqie way.

What is your life and souls philosophy?

In a simple way I can say; this moment of reality holds everything that is needed to be/express the most amazing beauty of oneself. The light and the darkness are always both as valuable for what we need to blossom. Everything is possible to live when we feel the fullness of our life-force and when we listen sweetly to what is the natural movement of our soul. To be wild and creative takes a lot of courage but is worth every minute of the innocence that is reclaimed through it.

Can you tell us a little about the concept you have developed ”Spirited Living”?

Spirited Living is a practical philosophy opening wholeness through feeling all aspects of our lives; health, beauty, relationship and creativity, from a perspective of radical naturalness. When these aspects are all equally cared for, our lives are inspired with a continuous alive inquiry that intimately weaves authentic beauty in our lives.

Spirited Living is being created in my living sense that spirituality, sexuality and creativity are all alive as one at the center of being human. When we approach these aspects as interrelated we are deeply connected to the most simple way of being ourselves, and naturally express our most authentic creative gifts. As human beings we manifest the meeting between space and form, stillness and movement… and as we constantly live in the dynamic of this meeting, we are alive as the inherent sacredness of all life.

To live a spirited life is where the beginning and the end come together and a journey where the authenticity of how we show up with whatever is the case is more important than what shows up in any given moment. The wild perfection of any given moment is our temple.

Spirited Living is a place where the relaxation into the divine emptiness and the unique fullness of the alive spiral which we are, is uncovered. It is a possibility to curiously, in a raw way and without judgment, explore life with a deep sense of wonder.

Daily life can be a natural ritual when we see, accept and create with all seeming counterparts. Darkness and light, simplicity and complexity, emptiness and fullness, freedom and love – are all components of authentic human living and dying, of real unconditional beauty.

What does it mean to you to be a woman in this life, in these times? What do you think our greatest task as women of today is?

I feel it is an honor to be a woman. It is extremely powerful and very vulnerable at the same time. I feel that there is a connection between women in the world today, and with Mother Earth, which has such a huge potentil within it. I think the task is to do one of the most radical things we can do; learn how to take deep, deep care of ourselves. And from that self-care we listen to the unique creative calling we have, connect with other women and work together to naturally share love and care in every way possible, as an integrated part of our daily life.

What are you most grateful for today?

I am grateful for my bare feet on the ground, the air around me, the trees and flowers. I am grateful for my beautiful daughter and my amazing friends. And I am so happy for my own soul to be such a rebel always willing to find new ways to live wild and free in the midst of a world system which seems like a prison a lot of the time.

How do you make sure that you keep listening and check in with your heart/spirit in terms of being open to new adventures?

I am uncompromisingly creating space every day for silence, being in nature, journaling, talking deeply with friends and to be inspired by different things.

Do you have a personal practice that keep you in allignment and help you stay present through everyday life?

In one way I can say that my whole life is my practice. It is what I mean with ”The Wonder of Rituals” that the way I wake up in the morning, the way I move through my day with the simple things is like a practice, a ritual for what is truly important. I also do more specific things like walking, yoga, meditation, reading, breathing etc.

What is your number 1 advice to other women, who has a deep longing to live a more soulful, heartcenteret and spirited life?

It would be to make sure to create space to stop, preferably for at least a full day now and then… to have time to be alone, sensually nourishing the body and soul and to ask the core important questions to yourself about life and to have time to sit and listen to what is there. To allow sorrow to come forth and let it guide the choices for life. To trust that sadness is a very great source of truth and wisdom. It wants to say something important if you let it come forth.


You can learn much more about Susanna and her amazing work and creations right here:

www.susannanova.com / www.trinitygardensubud.com


As an amazing opportunity for anyone based in Denmark, you can meet and work with Susanna, for our upcoming workshop in September 2018. Find out more right here:


Upcoming Copenhagen Event with Susanna Nova – Wild, Wild Wise workshop – September 30th 2018.

For more news on upcoming events, make sure to follow my platform @feelgoodtemple or @lykkejunker and even better sign up to my newsletter for info, news and events that I only share there.


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