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Hi, I'm Lykke!

My name translates into happiness or joy in English, I´m not kidding! Quite something to live up to, right? 

I’m born in Denmark, and often described as a nordic bohemewith a twist of caribbean surfergirl (must be my flip flops, colorful outfits and long flowing skirts). I like to see myself as a peaceful warrior woman, on a mission to remember and bring back soulfulness in every sense. 

My inspiration – I’m greatly inspired by indigenous culture and feel deeply connected to ancient wisdom and rituals. One of the reasons why I´ve founded Artisan Treasure – A global marketplace and home of soulful fashion, showcasing handmade and sustainable accessories, which embraces the heritage and culture of artisans from across the globe. Above anything though, my absolut greatest inspiration and privilege in this lifetime, is being Sam´s mamma. 

Secret weapons – I´m a BIG fan of first grade Ceremonial Cacao, looong walks and essential oils. These 3 potent weapons, helps me boost and maintain a high and soulful vibration and to be the absolut best version of myself. 

A few of my passion – I have a fiery passion for the healing arts of true beauty, holistic health, energy work and conscious businesses. Next to spending time near the ocean, I absolutely L.O.V.E real books & podcasts – I´ll read and listen to almost anything on spirituality and human evolution, and I do it every day. I do NOT do small talking. If you want to connect and hang out, get ready for some real, deep, heartfelt, down to the root of life, conversation. 

The labels – I work as a Spiritual Adviser for privates and companies. Helping people to spot new opportunities and to navigate and lead ourselves from our most authentic place. Our hearts.

My calling & my commitment – I’m deeply comitted to being of service and to create soulful experiences that matter, move & inspire you into your greatness and authentic self.  

Welcome, I hope you stay around!


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